First I would like to welcome the new players from the summer sale.
You guys put our peak players at 2,463!

Never thought our little game would get so much attention, thank you all for the support.

So what have we got for you guys this time?

A few additions but also some much needed fixes, most of these are still under development and we are after feedback.
We pushed most of these fixes out onto the experimental branch and didn’t get any issues reported, so this is the real test.

Custom options presets
You can now set and rename presets of options for a quick and easy game setup, we will add the ability to keep the same options from game to game in the near future.


We have fixed the issues with weird joining lines and artifacts on all maps.
There are some issues with the wooden edges and also the long tube hole on Twilight, but we will work on that in the future.


Twilight hole 8 has changed
We removed the loops on this hole as it was really difficult to get a loop unless you knew exactly where to aim.

Read the full list of changes at the bottom of the post.

Update on the crashing issue.
For the most part the crashing is happening on AMD A-Series CPU’s
We are in contact with Unity about this issue and its apparently something Unity has been looking to fix for a while.
I will update the game and announcements once I hear anything or have a fix for this issue.
I apologize for the wait and am sorry this is happening to you guys, I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of an issue like this.

If you have crashing on other hardware try our troubleshooting post here.
If that doesn’t help emails us at Support@blacklightinteractive.com and I will try help you the best I can.

Haunted mansion
I know its been a while but new maps take a lot of work.
Dominant Dinosaur and Mike Mazaski are working on the new map and hopefully will have something to show you guys on the next update.

Full change log below:

[Added] Stability to how the ball rolls preventing vibration and potentially phantom roll and out of bounds resets.
[Added] 3 second countdown before loading level
[Added] Saving custom game options in 3 save files
[Added] Objects to practice map
[Added] Current to the Twilight river to help stop your attraction to the wall

[Optimization] Loading times are now shorter
[Optimization] Optimized code for slightly better performance, more of this will come.

[Adjusted] Ball jumping, you can now hold down jump and also time jumps much easier.
[Adjusted] Lighting levels
[Adjusted] Twilight Hole 8
[Adjusted] End game countdown from 15 to 10 seconds.
[Adjusted] Timeout penalty is now the max shots + 2
[Adjusted] Bounce inside pyramid
[Adjusted] Lowered the velocity required to initiate a bounce.

[Updated] Steam API

[Fixed] Stuck on twilight hole 17 bridge
[Fixed] Blurry ground
[Fixed] Some collision issues
[Fixed] Stuck under Forest hole 5
[Fixed] Corner issues
[Fixed] Made more room in network menu to see players over 1000
[Fixed] Getting stuck on vase now resets the player
[Fixed] Collision and the ability to get stuck in the vases
[Fixed] Lighting artifacts on Twilight (Hole 13 still has issues)
[Fixed] Missing collision mesh on Twilight hole 6
[Fixed] You can no longer jump from hole 16 into 17
[Fixed] Tree on Twilight hole 7 no longer reset the ball

[Removed] Weird mushrooms under Twilight hole 6

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