Golf With Your Friends Update 0.0.96 | Haunted


Firstly, big thanks to the people who helped test the experimental builds, there will still be fixes in the next few updates but we would have never found all these issues in that time frame.

New Music

We have replaced all in-game music for fully licensed, tailor made tracks by Kris Wiltshire.
The reason for this is that we have full control over these tracks and users may use these on anything Golf with your friends related.

New Haunted Map

Prepare to be spooked, this update introduces the 4th map to the game, Haunted.
Sorry this took so long to get released we had quite a lot going on during development, we will still add fixes and changes to this map depending on the feedback we get.

Cropped Goat
Dominant Dinosaur and Mike Mazaski are now hard at work on the Candyland theme and map.

I (Wheel) will be working on 0.0.97 adding video options and performance, you can see a rough outline on what we will be working on over the next few update on our public Trello below.

Public Trello

The public Trello can be found here.
This is just a rough idea of the main additions for each update, there are a lot more smaller things added and fixed too.

Have a great weekend, thank you so much for supporting us.


[Added] Haunted House level
[Added] Ball lighting on Twilight
[Added] Real-time lighting to Twilight
[Added] New music
[Added] Dark maps start with ball light enabled
[Added] Boost visuals to Oasis hole 7

[Improved] Bake lighting
[Improved] Oasis hole 13
[Improved] Oasis hole 15
[Improved] Networking on spinning objects
[Improved] Twilight hole 15

[Removed] Sand from parts of Oasis that were not meant to be there
[Removed] Star holes from Oasis hole 15

[Fixed] Player list not activating
[Fixed] Being able to aim, change power and take strokes in menu
[Fixed] Kitty statues have reset
[Fixed] Night time triggering when hitting the pyramid
[Fixed] Water physics
[Fixed] Getting stuck under bridges, Oasis and Twilight
[Fixed] Getting stuck on Twilight hole 14
[Fixed] Large Cubes getting stuck in the holes
[Fixed] Player list being activated with custom option menu up
[Fixed] Dark fire sprites on Oasis
[Fixed] Walls not giving sound feedback
[Fixed] Ball rolling while in the menu
[Fixed] “Success, Connecting” Stuck on join screen
[Fixed] Shadows on Twilight
[Fixed] Collisions on hole 9 Oasis
[Fixed] Wall glitch on hole 11 Oasis
[Fixed] Collision on hole 14 Oasis
[Fixed] Collision mesh on Oasis hole 15



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