Attention: Some settings will be wiped when you first launch the game.


Today we are releasing our third level twilight.
We still have work to do and lighting to fix but ill update in a few days with fixes for the current lighting and issues you guys bring up.
There are also other small additions and changes, have a read of the change log below this post.


I (Wheel) will now start work on adding graphical settings and optimizations, fixing ongoing bugs and cleaning up this level.
DominantDinosaur and our new intern Mike Mazaski will be continuing work on our next level/theme haunted mansion.

Sorry things are taking a while but we are working as fast as we can, we appreciate the support and patience.
You guys are awesome!

Superfox has create a video showcasing the new map:



[Added] Twilight map
[Added] Host kick
[Added] Player list (We will add future options here)
[Added] New lighting
[Added] DoF effects
[Changed] Title text to read Golf With Your Friends
[Changed] Values for ball glow

[Fixed] “Enter Text” now fades with chat
[Fixed] Camera UI going through in-game objects
[Fixed] Slow roll glitch
[Fixed] Getting stuck on corner mesh

[Fixed] Ball color options from exceeding limits
[Fixed] Menu sliders now smoother and more accurate

[Fixed] Ball rolling exploit
[Possible Fix] Re-spawning outside the green

[Fixed] Reduced the poly count of low LOD trees
[Optimization] Tweaked LOD and OC
[Added] Better Lighting

[Fixed] No collision on hole 18 curves
[Optimization] Tweaked LOD and OC

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  • William on June 12, 2016 at 10:08 pm Reply

    I play this game everyday with my friends and we love it. I only got 2 questions, will there be a Castle themed map? And is it possible to get a hole in one on every map? Keep up the good work!

    • admin on June 29, 2016 at 12:44 pm

      Castle is a possibility but we have other ideas before that.
      Hole in ones are not always possible.

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