Golf With Your Friends Update 0.0.97 Video Options

Update 0.0.97 Video Options | Future of Golf with Your Friends

Hope you are all having a wonderful festive season, this post will contain a few different topics starting with the 0.0.97 update.

But first I would just like to thank you all for supporting us through 2016, for a few brothers dreaming to even get accepted through greenlight, this year has been amazing for us.
Greatly appreciate the help and kindness you have provided us, hopefully we can reciprocate this in 2017.

0.0.97 | Video options

Please note: we have tested this build to the best of our ability, if you have any problems with this new version please post a bug report on the Steam forums.
I will try my best to sort them out as soon as possible, I will also provide a build of the old version if you wish to continue using that.

There are still a few bugs to sort out but hopefully I can start working on game modes and fun stuff in the future.
I push smaller updates more often on our experimental branch if you ever want to check up on progress, ill aim to keep this updated more regularly going into 2017.

You can access this version and the old stable version by right clicking the game in your Steam library and choosing properties,
under the Betas tab select Experimental or Old Stable from the drop-down list, make sure you are not running the game when you do this.
Change-log at the bottom of the post.

Candyland Not ready for public

Note: CL is still heavy work in progress, the course wont be the default green and the environment will look different on full release.
We hoped to have CL out this month but it looks like a Jan 2017 release at the moment, really sorry for the delay.
Ill update you guys when we have an experimental version to test.

CL 1

Steam award

Thanks to your support we have been nominated for the “Better with Friends” Steam award!
Vote for your favourite games from the 22nd to the 30th.
Our vote day is the 30th so be sure to vote for your favourite game. * wink*

More information on the awards here

New Subreddit

We have a brand new subreddit over at
Feel free to drop by, ask questions or read up on anything related to GWYF.

2016 and beyond

2016 has been a great year for us, but we want to carry this over to 2017.
We plan to get the game to completion but there is a long way to go, we are a team of 3 brothers and only I (wheel) work on the code and most game related stuff.
There are game modes, customisation, single player, local play, level editor and even more still to come.
If you have suggestions about what you would like to see in-game, post on our Steam, Reddit or Discord platforms, we want you guys to have a part in building this game along side us.

I just ask for you to be patient with us, we get too many angry messages telling us the early access, in development game has bugs in it.

Blacklight Interactive would love to wish you all a safe holiday season and a happy new year, take care of yourselves and we will see you all in 2017


[Unity] Updated to newest version

[Added] Unlimited shots and time option
[Added] Text outline for Time and Shots
[Added] Holiday theme menu
[Added] Video options
[Added] LOD to Haunted
[Added] Oasis Sky-box
[Added] Skeeball to practice, use E to control the buttons
[Added] 3 new shapes, Bauble, Star and Acorn
[Added] New water shaders
[Added] backdrops to be easier on the eyes
[Added] In-game text showing current version, this will help us when viewing videos or images about bugs/ issues with the game.

[Adjusted] How brightness works
[Adjusted] Slider sprites
[Adjusted] Text colours
[Adjusted] Angle of platform on Haunted 14

[Fixed] Haunted House Loading times
[Fixed] Clouds not moving
[Fixed] Clipping Textures on Oasis Hole 13
[Fixed] Stuck in pots on Oasis
[Fixed] Ball not detecting that you can shoot or jump in some instances
[Fixed] Ball lighting up when entering pyramid
[Fixed] Flags on Twilight
[Fixed] Bounds on Haunted hole 11
[Fixed] Hole 14 Haunted
[Fixed] Ball rolling on Time out or Out of Strokes
[Fixed] Forest Hole 10 corner jump resetting
[Fixed] Ball roll on HH hole 6 and 10
[Fixed] Offset spawn positions on Haunted
[Fixed] Flags not rising on Haunted
[Fixed] Pyramid now goes dark at the right trigger point
[Fixed] Brightness, Saturation and Contrast work on UI
[Fixed] Brightness, Saturation and Contrast not saving position on slider
[Fixed] Mouse now centres when click on screen in play mode
[Fixed] Networking teleport when coming to rest
[Fixed] Vibration with high bounce ground
[Fixed] Input text issues
[Fixed] Forest 18 clipping issue
[Fixed] Forest hole 3 barrel not accurate
[Fixed] Water
[Fixed] Custom settings carrying over to classic

[Network] Timer is now synced to the host




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