Golf With Your Friends Update 0.0.98 | Candyland

Hello all

Hope everyone is doing fine, today we are pushing 0.0.98 which includes the new sweet Candyland map.
As with any update expect a few issues and changes for the future.



There will be a few issues and changes to come for Candyland but we feel like its ready for your taste buds.


Free cam is a camera that can be toggled with ‘C’ in-game to fly around and look at the holes or enjoy the scenery.
It has a 15 second timer for classic mode to avoid people just flying around, there is an option in custom to turn it off completely, 15 seconds or infinite.
Flycam options
Here is an example of what it looks like to use.

Steam invites

You can now invite your Steam friends to your game, just click Invite friends button when in a room.
If you are in a pass-worded lobby or another region it will take them to the password menu and swap the region for them.


Video options

This is just a reminder to set your video options up after this update. LOD’s will be low until you change it.
I was going to reset it back to first load options but I’m sure you know how to adjust the options to your liking.

Full changelog

[Engine] Updated Unity

[New Map] Candyland

[Added] Steam invites
[Added] New Intro
[Added] Freecam, Activate by pressing ‘C’ in-game.
[Added] Achievements
[Added] No longer able to attempt to host or join a game if Steam has not initialised.
[Added] More LOD’s
[Added] LOD scale under video options
[Added] Graphics level for first time load
[Added] Scrollbar to video options

[Adjusted] Texture sizes
[Adjusted] AO settings

[Fixed] Twitter logo updated
[Fixed] Frame limiter actually limiting to 30fps
[Fixed] Jumping and Reset no longer pop up when menu is open or typing in chat
[Fixed] Network now swaps and connects to regions on first load
[Fixed] V-sync doing whatever the hell it wanted to
[Fixed, Maybe] Rotator on Oasis H12 (Let me know if you still get this)
[Fixed] Some brick still having snow
[Fixed] Some areas in Haunted where you can get stuck
[Fixed] Getting stuck in wood on Haunted
[Fixed] Bounds on Stretchers in Haunted
[Fixed] Bounds on Bookshelves
[Fixed] HH chat location
[Fixed] Lobby names are now clearer and balls in view

+ more

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